The Wildflower Car Park Is Complete... and really rather lovely

Those of you who follow us on twitter will not have failed to notice that we’ve been getting more than a little excited about the planting that has been taking place at our Plumptre Place car park in the Lace Market.

After a couple of harsh winters, and lots of heavy goods vehicles using the space during renovation works at The Wallis Building, the car park was in dire need of some resurfacing. We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to do something a bit special with the space – this was not going to be just any old car park!

We had recently become Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Guardians, and really wanted to create a space which reflected our interest in bringing some nature and wildlife back in to the city. Alongside the NWT we had already put bird boxes on the roof of The Pod to try and encourage the nesting of the endangered Black Redstart, but we wanted to go one step further, and to put our money where our mouth is. We had a plan to create an oasis in the center of the city; somewhere beautiful where wildlife could flourish.

So now we had a plan, we just needed someone to make it happen… and this is where Helen Taylor of Hosta Consulting came in. We were aware of Helen’s work as she had recently completed the beautiful planting for TDX at our Pod development on Fletcher Gate, and so we contacted her to discuss our ideas for the car park. It was clear straight away that we had a shared vision for the space.

Helen designed a beautiful planting scheme, including lavender, hostas and, most interesting of all, some wildflower meadow turf, sourced from Tiller’s Turf (, which contains over 30 wildflower species, such as pansies, yarrow, cowslips and chamomile. These native species encourage biodiversity by providing important habitats for a range of pollinators and other insects. Importantly, too, it only requires cutting once or twice a year, which means that our maintenance costs will be much less than if we had gone for a more traditional boarder.
Helen even discussed the plans with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, to ensure that we were including the most beneficial plants possible. Nestled amongst the flowers are some purpose built insect houses, from local supplier Bels Beehives, complete with sedum roofs, supplied courtesy of Sustainable Green Roofs Nottingham, to accommodate the wildlife which is already showing an interest in the area. Within half an hour of Helen starting planting bees and butterflies started to appear… a new sight for the once barren car park.

Helen has completed the project to exactly the specification we were after – a small oasis in the middle of the Lace Market, alive with wildlife of all varieties, which is as easy to maintain as it is beautiful to look at.

23 August 2013

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